UNIX for Your 68K Macintosh
Last Update 10/28/03

Selecting A 68K Macintosh:

You can use any Macintosh with a 68020 processor or greater and a 68851 PMMU. I recommend at least a 68030 processor based system with a 68882 FPU(floating-point unit), a minimum of 8MB of RAM and an 80MB hard drive. NetBSD supports FPU emulation very well for 68030 machines, but there are still bugs in the emulator for LC68040 machines which can cause crashes. If you have an LC040 machine like the Quadra 605, I really suggest you get a full 68040. You can find the full list of supported 68k Macintosh platforms here. I have successfully used and recommend any of the following models as a basis for NetBSD:

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